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Canadian Labour Law and Labour Relations Links

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Links have been categorized into the following headings:

Canadian Judgements

Canadian Legal Resources


Employment Standards

Human Resources

Human Rights

Labour Relations

Labour Relations Boards

Canadian Judgements
Tribunal Awards and Court Decisions. (The best collection of links to free arbitral awards in Canada.)

B.C. Labour Relations Board Decisions: See the Leading Decisions link.

Canadian Artists and Producers Professional Relations Tribunal : Decisions (see also the link to bargaining certificates)

Canadian Railway Arbitration Awards: Search Free Arbitral Awards

CANLII: Canadian Court and Tribunal Decisions: Also includes electronic statutes. Free.

CATCA Arbitration Awards: A source of some arbitration awards.

Employment Insurance Jurisprudence Library

Labour Law Information from OPSEU

Manitoba Association of School Trustees: Arbitral awards and court decisions regarding teachers.

Ontario Police Arbitration Commission: A site with rights and interest arbitration awards, and collective agreements for Ontario's policing sector

OPSEU: Searchable arbitration awards database

Public Service Labour Relations Board: Decisions regarding federal government employees

Canadian Legal Resources
Laws, Regulations, Bills, and General Useful Sources

Access to Justice Network: A voluminous site full of Canadian legal information

Brian Dickson Law Library: Links to laws and cases across Canada

Department of Justice: Search Government of Canada Laws, Regulations, and Statutory Instruments
Help! I'm Fired!: An introduction to Canadian Employment Law

FindLaw: Canadian Resources

Labour Law in Canada: List of labour laws in Canada relevant to unionized workplaces.

Labour Law in Ontario: A list laws in Ontario releveant to employment and labour.

Law Depot: Automated Canadian Legal Forms including employment agreements, hiring letters, and termination letters.

LEGIS Info: Follow the career of Canadian Bills as they become law. Provided by Library of Parliament.

Provincial Laws and Legislatures on the Web


A Better Chance: A Not-for-Profit Organization Assisting Immigrants Coming to Canada, including job search and employment issues.

Labour Relations Consultants Human Resources and Labour Law Advice
Wolf Gugler & Associates Executive Search and Assessment

Employment Standards
Information on Laws and Regulations Concerning Hours of Work, Minimum Wages, Vacation, Overtime, Eating and Resting Periods, etc.:

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada - Labour Program Office: Information about Employment Standards for Federally Regulated Industries

Alberta Human Resources and Employment - Employment Standards

British Columbia Ministry of Skills Development & Labour - Employment Standards

Canadian Employment Standards: A Quick Source of Information on Employment Standards across Canada

Ceridian Canada: Useful data on minimum wages, overtime pay, vacation--across the entire country!

Community Legal Education Ontario: Plain Language Guides to Employment Standards

Employment Insurance Digest of Employment Insurance Principles: Very useful and detailed information on employment insurance, including sickness and maternity benefits.

Manitoba Employment Standards Branch

New Brunswick Department of Training and Employment Development - Employment Standards

Newfoundland & Labrador Labour Relations Agency

Northwest Territories Labour Standards Information

Nova Scotia Labour Standards Division

Ontario Ministry of Labour - Employment Standards Program

Prince Edward Island - Employment Standards

Quebec Commission des Normes du Travail

Saskatchewan Labour Standards

WorkRights.Ca: A labour sponsored site on workers rights in Canada. Full of useful information.

Worksmart Ontario: A plain language site on workers rights in Ontario. Though pitched at teens it is useful for anyone.

Human Resources

Archive of LabourRelations.Org: Check out our articles on employment policies, privacy law, attendance management, and look for sample discipline letters and sample policies.

Ceridian Canada: Useful information on taxation of salary and retiring allowances

Mental Health Works: A new site with information for employers and employees on mental health

National Occupational Classification 2001:  Job Titles  in Canada

O*Net: A US site that provides useful information on skills and occupational classifications.

Corporate Human Resources:  Alberta government's human resources site, with useful documents on HR Planning.

Policy and Procedure Directory: From About.Com, a cornucopia of policies and procedures. Unfortunately, not geared directly to Canadians.

University of Western Ontario's Human Resources Site: Filled with Useful HR Material

Human Rights

Canadian Human Rights Commission: For Complaints against Federal Government, or federally regulated employers, such as Banks, Airlines, and Telecommunications companies.

Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission

British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal

Manitoba Human Rights Commission

New Brunswick Human Rights Commission

Newfoundland and Labrador Human Rights Commission

Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission

Ontario Human Rights Commission

Prince Edward Island Human Rights Commission

Quebec Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse

Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission

Yukon Human Rights Commission

Labour Relations
Collective agreements, bargaining, papers on industrial relations, and union topics

B.C. Labour Relations Board: Searchable index of collective agreements.

Centre for Industrial Relations: University of Toronto has produced an excellent collection of labour links.

C.E.P. 456: Great information on processing and handling grievances

Construction Labour Relations: Searchable index of construction collective agreements in Alberta.

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada: A searchable database of unions in Canada.

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada: A list of collective agreement terms to consider when preparing for bargaining.

Corporate Human Resources: Master and subsidiary collective agreements between Alberta and the AUPE.

Queen's University Industrial Relations Centre: Great collection of papers on industrial relations topics, from practical to abstruse.

York University's Staff Association Stewards' Handbook: Union Secrets Told!

Weekly Perry Work Report at University of Toronto's Centre for Industrial Relations: Useful Information in HR and Labour Relations Management

Labour Relations Boards
For Union and Employer Concerns, including Certification, Bargaining, Strikes and Lockouts, Unfair Labour Practices, Interference with a Trade Union, Duty of Fair Representation, etc.:

Canada Industrial Relations Board: For Federally Regulated Industries such as Banks, Airlines, and Telecommunications Companies

Canadian Artists and Producers Professional Relations Tribunal

Alberta Labour Relations Board

British Columbia Labour Relations Board: Contains Text of Decisions and Collective Agreements

Manitoba Labour Relations Board

New Brunswick Department of Training and Employment Development - Industrial Relations

Newfoundland and Labrador Labour Relations Board

Nova Scotia Labour Relations Board

Ontario Labour Relations Board

Prince Edward Island Labour Relations Board

Quebec Commission des Relations du Travail

Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board

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